Traveling Along The Pursuit of Happiness Path

September 4, 2013

 The Pursuit of Happiness

Have you ever gone through a period of time in your life when everything that’s put in your path seems to somehow correlate or connect with something else on your path? Like all of the things that you’re going through, dealing with, meditating on, wondering about, struggling with are all tied together with an invisible string? I’m in that kind of period right now and there hasn’t been a day that’s passed over the past few weeks that hasn’t given me this overwhelming feeling that there are important messages being whispered, truths being revealed, breakthroughs being made, transformations occurring.

I have had this sort of thing happen a number of times throughout my life. I have actually had times when I felt like I was moving through my days in slow motion, acknowledging that when I moved slow enough with heightened awareness that I could actually hear the Universe dictating my next move to me before I made it. I know, crazy, right?

This time though, it’s different. Instead of hearing the instructions before I make a move, it’s more like I’m getting signs of affirmations after my steps forward. On one day I’ll start cleaning out my closet and the next my horoscope reads that my well-being depends on my ability to create space. Or soon after having a conversation with a friend about longing for more childlike play in my life, I get an invitation to an amusement park. These simplified examples might seem like insignificant coincidences but I consider them synchronicities; nods of encouragement from the Universe, Yes, Tracey, keep walking. You do know the way.

This is exactly how I felt reading every chapter of Britt Reints’ new book An Amateur’s Guide to the Pursuit of Happiness. Through Britt’s bravely honest stories and her refreshingly crystalline insights I am reminded that I am indeed, moving in the right direction in my daily journey into my best and happiest life. Britt’s delivery is much like that of a trusted friend; someone wise who speaks earnestly from experience, someone kind who only wants the best for you (but doesn’t sugar coat the truth), someone comforting who assures you there is nothing wrong with you and reminds you that everything really is going to be OK, even when it’s hard. And you know what? I totally believe her.

I finished the book with tears in my eyes feeling like someone had just wrapped me in a warm blanket and kissed my forehead which is exactly what I needed because, let me tell you, the path can really take a toll. But, I will continue to forge ahead, grateful for respites like this book that nurture and renew my spirit along the way. Britt reminds and reassures us that “happiness is not a linear path, but rather a circular journey along which we are constantly learning”. Indeed.

Let’s walk on.


Amateurs Guide to the Pursuit of HappinessI’m thrilled to be offering up a signed copy of An Amateur’s Guide to the Pursuit of Happiness by Britt Reints today to one lucky person! It’ll be a random drawing. Leave a comment on this post between now and Sunday 9/8 at midnight ET for your chance to win. This is an awesome book so you are going to want to win!

And speaking of winners, want a chance to win a class registration in Picture Everyday? Britt’s giving one away on her blog In Pursuit of Happiness. YAY!

20 thoughts on “Traveling Along The Pursuit of Happiness Path

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  2. April M.

    I have been inspired by you since you accepted my friendship request on FB; I look at your snapshots of what you see from your eyes and how thought provoking they are. Thank you. In as much as we are human, we are women and not all are alike, I will be celebrating a “significant” birthday along the transition of living in an empty nest as my daughter graduates from high school and leaves me behind to pursue what makes me happy – UGH!
    Will I be able to trust myself to move forth? Thank you for the consideration. Off to read Britt’s blog!

  3. Suzanne Scheve

    I just found her blog through your FB page – I know exactly what you mean about affirmation that you’re going in the right direction. It’s a great feeling to know that you are exactly where you’re supposed to be at that time in your life. Thanks for all you do to imspire us – see you in class next week!

  4. Ximena

    I totally understand what you’re going through. I myself keep getting “messages” from the Universe leading me forward, or steering me back into the right path if I stray. At least I think of them as messages. Other people may dismiss them as coincidences or exaggeration, but I’m at a point in my life in which I know better. Hope you continue to see with such clarity!

  5. ann bode

    found your blog through the blog of ali edwards.If she likes you,i know i will.seems that book is really inspiring, even for someone in belgium.i surely want to win that one.greetz from belgium and tanks for such a chance. See, i knew i would like you.

  6. Sandie Conry

    Sounds great! This will be going on my reading list whether or not I win it here. Thanks for the introduction! I’ll be seeing you in Picture Everyday!

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