Alt Design Camp Los Angeles Coming in May

March 27, 2014

Alt Design Camp for Photography

I am beyond thrilled to be teaching the Los Angeles Design Camp in May. The focus? Photography, of course.

A few things: The Bing property is fantabulous (off the chain photogenic), the location is adorable (Venice is super-cool) and the things I’ll be covering include some of my favorite topics from working with natural light, to compelling composition, and of course, making photo magic, to name a few. The best part? We’ll get to hang out, talk shop and shoot together! Seriously. It’s going to be awesome. So, who’s in?

There are some more details about the LA Design Camp and some specific information that is Universal to all of the various Design Camps on the Altitude Summit website.

If you want to get a feel for the Alt instruction vibe via the Alt Channel, I encourage you to consider the April Alt on Topic which is all about photography and curated by the amazing Justin Hackworth. I’ll be there too!

So many great things happening, I can hardly wait.

Let’s Play in the new year

December 6, 2013

play big

I’m so excited to start the new year with a little Play! Actually, with a lot of Play! Check out all the details online at the Big Picture Classes Play page and start packing your bags for the live event. You deserve a trip to sunny So Cal for an event like this. And besides all the scrapbooking / crafting / photography fun, you can join us for a day at Disneyland (jumping up and down shrieking like a little girl). And what’s more, is my sisters, the Disney Sisters are going to share a little part in all of this too. Swoon. Who loves Disney? We do! We do! Details on that to be revealed soon. There’s so much magic happening, I’m floating on air! I’m telling you, it’s gonna be so much fun.

And if the trip isn’t in the cards for you (although I so wish it were) consider the next best way to Play! The online version of the event. Yes, it’s true, you can enjoy Play right from the comfort of your own home/office/studio. Wheeee! There’s a $10 discount code being offered right now too which makes registering for the online event even sweeter. Use the code HULAHOOP to get the $10 off your online event registration.

The details for both of the Play! offering can be found on the Play! Event homepage. Scroll down the page and you’ll see the Live event option on the left and the Online option on the right. And scroll a little further down for the new video that pretty much tells you everything you need to know and will hopefully convince you that this is an event you’ll want to be at! Wink wink.

One way or another we want you to kick off an awesome 2014 with Play!

Collages from The Click Retreat

October 13, 2013

Back from an excellent adventure in the Outer Banks I am, like always, already diving headlong into life as I left it. Being with my family, getting back into the usual routine, and catching up on work that has piled up while I was away. But, I promised more photos and I certainly have them so I wanted to share before I get swept up in the things that often keep me too busy to get photos uploaded.

Needless to say, The Click Retreat was amazing as best illustrated by some of my favorite iPhone images of the week. Here you’ll get a glimpse of just some of the awesome ladies that were there, a small visual snippet of the magic that happened in the two gorgeous beach houses that stood side by side on the Atlantic, and the uniquely beautiful landscape that surrounds them.

The Click Retreat 2013From LAX to ORF by way of Southwest Airlines. Love being welcomed by the LOVE sign at the Norfolk Airport.

The Click Retreat 2013My dear friend Ali Edwards  and I totally windblown (have you seen the video??), a view into our room and the view from the house.

The Click Retreat 2013Me and the hostess with the mostess, Today’s Mama Rachael Herrscher, Click friends and I making memories on our Wild Horses excursion, signs of the weather with this shot of me nearly blowing off the balcony by none other than Erin Oltmanns of Today’s Mama.

The Click Retreat 2013Print of us by HP who announced HP Create,  on fabric by Spoonflower, darling beach house print by Alma Loveland, Casey Mullins and I with hand-made mustaches made by Marie-LeBaron, and me and Me Ra Koh (who brought the magic of Sony with her) catching up and enjoying the sunshine.

The Click Retreat 2013Ambiance and parties o’plenty, sponsored by Southwest Airlines and Avery.

Thank you Today’s Mama and all of the creative and generous sponsors at The Click Retreat. What an experience! I loved every minute of it.

Seeing in a New Way with my Lensbaby

October 11, 2013

The brave and beautiful Casey Mullins

I’ve been lucky enough to have spent the last few days on the beautiful coast of North Carolina on Islands known as The Outer Banks. I’ll admit, before this trip, I had no idea where or what The Outer Banks were so for me, being here, learning about the history, seeing this amazing landscape, and yes, even being at the whim of what they’ve referred to as a Nor’easter (of which may or may not be true) has been an enlightening and inspiring experience. And I haven’t even mentioned the fabulous company I’ve been in. The Click Retreat, hosted by Rachel Herrscher and team of Today’s Mama in collaboration with The Outer Banks Visitor Bureau has been every bit as wonderful as the location. From some of my favorite people to awesome brands, the Click Retreat has been a blast. I’ll be sharing more of the fun later. As for now, I’m really glad I brought my Lensbaby Composer with the Superwide converter. It’s been fun to experiment, play and capture the mood of the tumulus Atlantic Ocean like this. Sometimes a change of scenery can be a creative and refreshing breath of fresh air. Or in this case a gale wind. Either way, I’ve been inspired.






obx shoes


Why Creative Joy?

August 24, 2013

You deserve Creative Joy!

As you might know, I will be co-leading The Creative Joy Retreat again this fall with the awesome Jen Louden and the amazing Marianne Elliott.  I am looking so forward to another visit to the picturesque landscape and inspiring architecture of the historic Garrison Institute. Just being there is relaxing! And to reconnect again with Jen and Marianne, Danielle (our wonderful right-hand-woman) and all of the open-hearted and inspiring women that will gather with us just makes me swoon.

The retreat offers so many of the things that feed and nurture our feminine souls; community, connection, solitude, simplicity, a slow pace, rest, relaxation, reflection, deeply comforting food, creativity, stretching our bodies (yoga), exploring our thoughts (writing), honoring our unique perspective (photography), and the time and space to breathe and be.

Perhaps what I love best about this retreat is that there is no tangible “end result” we work towards. No figuring anything out. No creating any product. No cracking of any codes. The whole point is just to enJOY being; through breath, gentle movement, kind thoughts, quiet time, conversation, sharing, feeling, observing, and sleeping.

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We’re Talking Creative Joy Here

June 12, 2013

Since we’ve been sharing our thoughts about Creative Joy, the lovely e-workbook (if you don’t have it, you must download it; it’s free!) and our images, people have been more and more curious about the Creative Joy Retreat this Fall.

What’s it all about? What do you do there? What’s it look like or feel like? Who’s involved? Who comes? With so many questions we thought, why not share a little bit of how we see it. We are, after all the women who will be gently, kindly, playfully, and joyfully being with you at the retreat as we all share what makes us happiest in the world; sharing our Creative Joy with you in hopes to inspire you to uncover, discover and live yours!

So, here we are (Jen Louden, Marianne Elliott and myself) talking Creative Joy and the Retreat:

I would really love to see you there so we can practice being creative and joyful together.