A Story about the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration

June 23, 2014

On the eve of my departure for the Disney Social Media Moms On the Road event in Phoenix, I thought I’d post a little Disney Story featuring some highlights from the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration in April at Disneyland.

Needless to say, there were some magical memories made!

I’m looking forward to more moments filled with magic over the next few days in Phoenix where I’ll have the honor of sharing some photography tips and tricks with the attendees (squeeeee!).  I can’t wait!

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Capturing Summer Stories One Photo at a Time

July 7, 2013

 Summer Stories

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On the heels of lamenting about how much I miss stories (of the written kind) I decide to sift through my iPhone images from our summer so far just to enjoy the visual stories I have captured. It’s only been 3 weeks but we’ve already had a number of wonderful experiences. From camping to swimming, the 4th of July traditions to a trip to Disney’s California Adventure to our summer community service project, not to mention some well-needed time for rest  plus a little time for doing nothing much of anything, which is really what summer should be about, right?

Collecting these summer shots in the Disney Story App (have you tried it yet?) reminds me that we’ve gotten a pretty great start on creating one awesome summer.

How is your summer story shaping up?


A Story of Love, Babies, and Sisterhood

May 27, 2013

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There may be no greater gift than to be able to use our cameras to document and reflect back a moment, a feeling, or memory for the people we love most in the world. As for this Story, I get chills every time I play it because I am taken right back to the magical weekend we spent together celebrating love, babies and our sisterhood.

A very special thank you to my cherished friends Myriam, Jen L, Jen G, and Alex.

One Unstoppable Experience

May 16, 2013


This post is sponsored by Disney Story. To find out more about this brand-new story-creation app – and how it puts the power of storytelling in your hands - click here.

I recently had the privilege of attending the Mom 2.0 Summit. I haven’t been able to make the event in years-my, how it’s grown-so I was extra-excited to attend. It being held in my own backyard made it that much sweeter. It was as inspiring as I knew it would be and so much more. Having my daughters come spend the weekend at the extravagant Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel with me during the conference was such a fun opportunity. They hadn’t seen a conference like this first hand before and observing how it all goes down was enlightening for them and sharing a girls weekend with them made it really nice for me. Don’t get me wrong. It was tricky for me to switch back and forth from work mode to family mode but I was so happy it all worked out and really glad to have them there. There were a number of moms who brought families along so I wasn’t the only one doing the juggling act.

There were many highlights for me at the event, most of which were centered around conversation and connection. I had the best time sharing my thoughts and ideas on The Creative Process with the talented, smart, funny and adorable Lindsey Garrett. Even the work we did on the presentation before the conference was fun, so it’s no surprise that I loved tag teaming with her on our panel. Does it seem strange to admit that I actually learned some stuff about our brain and how creativity works from sharing the stage with her? I hope not because I did. That Lindsey. She’s good like that…teaching me stuff I didn’t know I didn’t know. I love that about her.

Connecting with the fabulous team of the United Nation’s Foundation’s Shot@Life was fantastic. I love that group so much, I believe in what they stand for and feel so honored to be a Champion. Chatting with Amanda Peet and introducing her to my girls was really fun for me too.

And probably my favorite part of the whole event was getting to participate with my daughters in Jess Weiner‘s Girls Unstoppable workshop. If you don’t already know Jess is Dove’s Global Self-Esteem Ambassador and an all around amazing human being. LOVE HER! Seeing my girls eagerly soak in Jess’s messages was the greatest moment. I loved what she had to share and how she engaged the girls there to use their voices and speak their truth. It was a perk to having my girls stay at the hotel with me that came as a last minute surprise and let me tell you, it made the trip!

Obviously, I could go on and on. I listened in on a number of excellent panels and shared in many enriching conversations and appreciated the brands involved and the care that the Ritz and the whole team of Mom 2.0 afforded all of us. It was a stellar experience for me and my girls loved it too. Win win.

To share a little window into our Mom 2.0 extravaganza, I created a Story about it, using the new Disney Story app. If you haven’t heard about it yet, you have got to check it out! Disney asked me to try it out to see what I thought. Love! And it seemed to be a great way to share some of the highlights from our girl’s weekend! To see this story in all it’s glory, be sure to click the “play story” button.

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