Work With Tracey


Brand Partnerships, Ambassadorships & Campaigns

Tracey has always considered herself a story-teller. With a deep belief in the power of photography, Tracey thoughtfully and deliberately uses her social media outlets as positive platforms for authentic and expressive communication (both visually and verbally). From Instagram (@traceyclark) to Facebook (/traceyclark -please send a request to follow!) to her personal blog, Tracey has a creative approach to sharing and a refreshingly accessible way of engaging that endears her to the community she loves as well as the brands she carefully chooses to work with.

Brand partnerships include: Haagen-Dazs, Nintendo, Microsoft, Olympus, Disney, Nokia, HP, Madavor Media, Bing, EyeTime, PBS Kids, Lensbaby, Lightcrafts, Paper Coterie, Stampington Press, & The United Nations Foundation.

Tracey is as passionate, genuine and spirited as her pictures would lead you to believe. Her enthusiasm isn’t just making photos for herself or for clients, but in sharing the creative process with others and facilitating a photographic community of sharing and celebration.” -Carrie McBride, Managing Editor, Apartment Therapy

To discuss working with Tracey on a partnership or campaign, please email her directly at tracey [at] traceyclark [dot] com.

Presentations, Speaking & Teaching

Tracey loves nothing more than sharing her passion for photography (and life) with the masses. Through writing, speaking and teaching Tracey shares a keen know-how that her 25 years of experience as a professional and everyday photographer has provided. Tracey delivers unique and creative insights with wit, wisdom and warmth that makes her not only refreshingly approachable but also endears her to audiences of all demographics. From speaking at large creative conferences to leading intimate workshops, Tracey Clark creates and delivers her own brand of inspiring content that leaves people seeing (and shooting) their lives in a whole new light.

Past events include: Disney Social Media Moms, Mom 2.0 Summit, Alt Summit, Alt Design Camp, EVO Conference, BlogHer, Big Picture Classes, Play!, Serendipity, The Creative Joy Retreat, Paper Clipping Roundtable, Camp Shutter Sisters and Shutter Sisters Oasis.

To discuss bringing Tracey to your event or online platform, please email her directly at tracey [at] traceyclark [dot] com.

Photography Sessions

Tracey has been capturing magic for clients for over 25 years. Her portrait work is inspired by her deep belief that the fleeting moments of family life (in every phase or stage) are worth documenting. Sessions are very limited. Email her directly at tracey [at] traceyclark [dot] com for availabilty.

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