the phone photography project 2

Phone Photography Project

Just in time for summer, Big Picture Classes is offering this all-new Phone Photography Workshop. I’m thrilled to be one of the many teachers that are co-leading the class! For details and the registration information, visit Big Picture Classes Photo Photography Project page. Sign up today as class begins July 17th. See you there!


the picture series : self-paced online creativity classes




The Picture Series, hosted at the amazing Big Picture Classes, are now available as self-paced e-workshops. That means, you begin the class(s) as soon as you sign up. Each self-paced photo centric workshop is led by me (daily prompts in 30 day intervals) but the photo adventure is experienced (and captured) by YOU.

Simple, approachable, fun, inspiring, and transformative, the creative email prompts from each of these classes are the perfect way to begin each day and will help you see your life in a whole new light!

What people say about these classes (notes from my Inbox):

“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your Picture Spring class!  I looked forward to coming in each morning to read the prompt and view your creative images. Thanks again for sharing your ideas and inspiring so many sensational shots, everyday fun and marvelous memories!”-Laury

“I just wanted to send a Thank You out for a month of such pure enjoyment, I can’t even express it. Every morning, the first thing I do is check my email for the daily prompt…I have seen things in a completely different light, noticed things I never noticed before, and best of all, stopped shooting subjects by pointing a camera directly at them.  I’ve learned new things about my camera and discovered that I have been taking these “art” photos for years, but seldom printed them or did anything with them, and never recognized what I was doing. Tracey has literally changed my life, and not too many people get to say that.  I will most definitely be signing up for the next class…and know I’ll find even more happiness.” - Sandy

Thank you so much for your class! it has been inspirational to me this spring. You definitely brought out a different perspective in viewing the season.” - Norma

I’m really enjoying your Picture Spring class!  I love the daily inspirations, and you’re giving me some great ideas for directions in which to take my photography.  I’m already looking forward to Picture Summer!” - Nancy