A Big Thank You

Thank you so much for registering for Picture Nature! 

The project officially begins on October 1st. On that date, expect two emails from me. The first email will announce the official opening of the project portal (aka the online classroom). Then when you log in at Teachable, you’ll have access to the Picture Nature Project. Once you’re in there you’ll find the 40 prompts listed by title in daily order, the downloadable ebook, the downloadable exploration cards, and the bonus content. There will also be notes and instructions from me and ways to engage with me and other participants.

The second email you’ll get is the first daily photo prompt. You will continue to get a new daily photo prompt each day in your inbox (around 4am PT/ 7am ET) through November 9th.  While some participants like to read ahead to prepare for the photo prompts, others would rather wait for a daily email. I like to give participants the option to do either! 

For any questions or clarifications, feel free to email me at tracey at traceyclark dot com.

I’m looking forward to Picturing Nature with you!