15 Years Ago Today

15 Years Ago Today

More than any other birthday, this one feels the biggest. I guess that’s what I can expect from here on out. I don’t know, but it’s making me really weepy. I’ve got all kinds of things to say about this amazing child that came into our lives with a sweet and soft song on a rainy Wednesday afternoon 15 years ago but I can’t bring myself to say any of it right now.

I guess the only thing I can say (without crying) is that it seems appropriate to be escaping for a few days in celebration of her birthday at Thanksgiving. I can think of nothing I am more thankful for right now than for the chance to focus what matters most for a few days. OK, never mind, I’m crying again.

  • Lu
    Posted at 07:46h, 19 November Reply

    The picture alone makes me swoon.

  • MelodyA.
    Posted at 07:51h, 19 November Reply


  • cathy
    Posted at 11:36h, 19 November Reply

    What a precious photo. So awesome. I have a girl just a year older. Sigh. The time is flying.

  • your mommy
    Posted at 18:09h, 19 November Reply

    I am ever so blessed to have been there to welcome my girls’ sweet baby Julia Isabella into the world…and so very thankful to watch her at each and every age growing and becoming a bright star as takes her place in the spotlight. Best Birthday Wishes and Great Joy to my girl and hers…

  • Cherish Bryck Photography
    Posted at 22:13h, 19 November Reply

    All I can think about is how amazing it is to have a photograph of her on that day 15 years ago and one today. Thank goodness for photos! They let the magic live forever. xo

  • Bren (@BG_garden)
    Posted at 20:02h, 05 December Reply

    This is a great post…. happy birthday little Tracey!

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