“Mommy, what’s a blog?”

This one goes out to my bewildered family and friends who are certain that this time, I have gone off the deep end. Let me being by stating that although blogging can be called many things, a cult is not one of them. If any of you bloggers are reading this and beg to differ, please post a comment and share with the viewers at home.

Now, back to the issue at hand, explaining to you all what a blog is. Since I have no smart and clever way of answering that question, and because I really still barely know myself, I am lifting an actual blogger’s profile to do the splainin’ for me. Ready? Here are the words of wisdom that sweatpants mom posted at her blog;

‘So, this being my first blog, I asked someone what a blog was, anyway. He said it was a personal web page for vain people who mistakenly think that everybody on the planet gives a rats-ass about their business. And I’m all “Sign me up!”. ‘

Yep. Go ahead and start the line behind me. You know you want to.

  • Kristen
    Posted at 18:30h, 22 March Reply

    An addiction – maybe. A cult? I don’t think so.

    Although some people do think certain bloggers are gods… ack.

  • sweatpantsmom
    Posted at 01:08h, 23 March Reply

    Hi Tracey – Looks like your blogging is off to a good start!

    (Love the ‘teatime’ story.)

  • Jessica New
    Posted at 19:25h, 23 March Reply

    I found myself reading what you write & getting caught up in your life, as if you are some celebrity, or famous author, or stranger from a far away land….

    This is fascinating…..

    You have an incredible gift of being clever & poetic, but first & foremost you’re real. And that my friend, is what people truly love.

    BLOG ON….

  • Mom101
    Posted at 20:14h, 23 March Reply


    Oh man, sorry. Me and my arcane cult movie references.

    Send your bewildered friends and family the wikipedia entry on blogs. That should do the trick. If not, just give them a taste of the kool-aid. They’ll come around.

  • Dawn
    Posted at 22:42h, 23 March Reply

    I don’t tell everyone about my blog. Some wouldn’t get it at all ( like my mother)- others are glad that it makes me happy in a “Oh, you like to jog – how nice for you”

    ( which is only a random example – the only way I run is with a hungry carnivore right behind me)

    But I do love my blog, and my blog buddies in a “hey I have a fun secret spy life!” way

  • M&Co.
    Posted at 22:50h, 23 March Reply

    I’ve told some people about my blog but for the most part I don’t share. I get a lot of the weird looks when I do tell them and I don’t like explaining, “it’s all about ME!”

  • Claddyjack
    Posted at 23:40h, 25 March Reply

    You got me thinking, so here is my stream of conscious notes on what is blogging:

    A creative outlet
    Ability to connect through artforms
    A way to stay in touch
    A vehicle to express yourself publically and get feedback, share your experience & read about others’
    A way to be in several different places at one time (for good or bad) and in that experience steal time (as in create time).
    Learn & teach, inspire & be inspired, market your life and above all connect while living the human experience which is by definition isolating. Realize you are not alone in your experience be it motherhood, a challenging job, a political point of view, life as a vagabond, whatever! It’s the greatest invention since the telephone and is now becoming what I hoped it could be: a vehicle wherein creativity can be the currency of the future. Truly exciting to me and it opens so many possibilities.

  • Claddyjack
    Posted at 23:51h, 25 March Reply

    Before ya’ll think I’m crazy that should read “the greatest communication invention” 🙂

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