Well, it’s finally here. Tomorrow I jet set off to BlogHer and I swear to God, it’s all I’ve talked about since I was afforded my E ticket a la the fabulous people at Minti.

Mom 101 wrote a hilarious and spot-on post about it. And so did Motherhood Uncensored among hoards others I’m sure. I haven’t had a minute to catch my breath so I won’t be writing much about it tonight. I haven’t even packed for goodness sakes. FREAK OUT! But if you’re going or you’re not, the posts above are funny funny funny.

And, while I’m away I’d love it if you’d consider submitting one of your posts about motherhood (any interpretation of the word) to the Mom Blogger’s Carnival. Since I’m in party mode, let’s ‘Carnival’ together, shall we?? Drinks all around! And beads?? Sure beads for everyone. The scoop can be found at Jennifer’s blog Joyride Through Insanity (which is like one of my most favorite kick-ass, how to get it done as a business woman and a mother blog-and yes, Jennifer makes it look easy)!

Email me at maypapers@yahoo.com with the link to YOUR post BY JULY 30th please and on August 1st over at Picture This I’ll be hosting the Carnival post! Don’t be shy. Send something you’re proud of. And/or pictures, you can send pictures! That’s allowed ya know…to be proud of a post you wrote and pictures you took. Yes, it is. Don’t argue with me.

Alright then, catch you on the flip side peeps. San Jose or bust. I mean San Jose and bust. Lots and lots of them, I’m sure. And you know I’ll have a camera.

  • Left-handed Trees...
    Posted at 15:20h, 27 July Reply

    I hope you have a blast at the conference! Can’t wait to read all about it…

  • la vie en rose
    Posted at 02:15h, 28 July Reply

    have fun!

  • GraceD
    Posted at 18:37h, 31 July Reply

    Tracey, it’s my great loss that I didn’t have more time to spend with you at BlogHer. However, the brief moments I had basking in your wonderfulness (especially at the back of the room during the mommyblogger raucousness)was enough to make me want to drive down to Southern California and go out for a mani/pedi session with you. Are you game?

    Also – Tracey readers? She. Is. Gorgeous. And, as grounded and intelligent as she is beautiful.

    Aloha to you, Tracey.


  • Mom101
    Posted at 23:36h, 31 July Reply

    What, no recap? I guess then this will have to be the spot where I gush about how cool you are and how smart and how pretty and what an awesome photographer and how if we lived in the same city I’d be stalking you like every weekend.

    Oh wait…we just might end up in the same city. Watch out Tracey.

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