a beautiful system

a beautiful system

Last October I shared on Facebook that I was in the market to upgrade to a new laptop. I got more comments on that fb post than any other. Notes from people with great  input and sound advice. A number of the comments urged me to reconsider my stance on the PC vs. Mac debate. I am a PC girl (gasp from the creative crowd) and I am not good with learning curves so I just didn’t want to make the switch. I will admit that with all those comments I was beginning to question myself and entertain the options.

And yet, there still was this internal conflict;  I have had a very positive relationship with the fine folks at HP for a number of years. We have worked together on a many wonderful projects and I personally have loved my experiences with HP and because of that, I feel very brand devoted. That’s what building authentic  and positive relationships with a brand does to a person. It keeps you loyal.

Fortunately, amidst my grappling with the big decision I was able to earnestly and openly discuss it with HP and they shared with me all of the amazing things that the HP ENVY 17 had to offer creative folks like myself. It all looked great on paper but I was eager to get my hands on one. And so, I did. HP sent me a gorgeous, efficient, hard working machine that has changed my life and helped get my systems in place and this year started with a burst of powerful and productive goodness!

In exchange for this godsend of a laptop, HP asked me to document and share my creative process, my photography philosophy, my everyday life. And so, over the last few months I have done exactly that. I am pleased to tell you that my partnership with HP not only provided me with the machine of my dreams, but prompted me to put my thoughts, viewpoint, passions into clear focus.

Very soon I will be sharing some short videos that were born from this creative partnership with HP. I cannot say enough how much all of this has impacted my life. From the logistics of finding the perfect computer for myself (something that fluidly handles all of my images and effortlessly supports all of my creative endeavors) to the opportunity to document all the things that matter to me in my life, this relationship and this project has been pivotal in me finding my rhythm and putting  the systems in place for my life right now. I feel so fortunate to have such an excellent opportunity and yet another positive experience with HP.

All that said, I am so eager to share the videos with you! Some of my very best friends in the whole wide world created them for me, with me, and I am so excited. Keep your eye out. They are coming soon.

Sometimes when you least expect it, a creative catalyst comes along and helps you make magic. So, tell me, have you had an opportunity in which the outcome delighted and inspired you?

  • Breanne
    Posted at 22:21h, 28 March Reply

    Thank you for sharing; I'm interested to see the videos. I've had an awful experience with HP over the last four years… I'm hoping my computer lasts awhile longer while I save for something different.

  • Lisa
    Posted at 01:58h, 29 March Reply

    SOOO glad to hear you are still a PC gal. I work at Msft and was raised on their software so I can't imagine going to a MAC. I am going to check out the HP Envy and can't wait to hear your feedback. Just got a new HP monitor so I can calibrate etc. I am inspired by your photos…and am thinking of Shutter Sisters Camp.

  • Marcie
    Posted at 16:15h, 29 March Reply

    Me too – I'm all PC (mostly because my husband is my tech support..and that's the platform he know)..and I've been looking for a little machine that might meet all my needs. Looks like you've found it here. Thank-you for this!

  • snippets of thyme
    Posted at 17:40h, 30 March Reply

    I just upgraded as well. I have only ever had a Mac so it was a given. I really want to figure out how to upload my photos to websites without a slight blur occurring. I am so non-technical, that holding the user's manual makes me have goose bumps. I have a sit down appointment with the Mac store (thank goodness there is one nearby) to see if they can teach me how to manipulate photos (pixels size, etc.) Good luck with your new computer!

  • SueTR
    Posted at 01:56h, 31 March Reply

    I love this post because I totally am with on one tool (which is really what a computer is) can be an amazing creative catalyst and it's a beautiful thing!! I had an HP laptop that saw me through my Masters Degree in Design school and beyond and it was great but when it went to it's great reward…I went mac – completely and totally – no microsoft/pc products anywhere in sight. It's been a little bit of a curve but it has made my creative efforts so much more pleasurable and easier for me!! It's all about finding the tool that will help unlock what's inside you! Enjoy!!

  • rebecca @ altared spaces
    Posted at 16:29h, 02 April Reply

    This is so interesting. I hate my HP computer. I can't wait for it to die so I can replace it. But….but….in the beginning, when I was really struggling with it and I was calling India regularly to chat with customer service REGULARLY I found those happy voices amazingly, amazingly kind. We had more than a few philosophical discussions while waiting for things to load.

    I'm just wondering why all of this is making me feel so warm because I thought I was clicking over here to view an essay of yours about "this is enough" and, instead, I'm reading this and this is making me realize how very much ENOUGH of a computer I have. Which was probably at the heart of those warm and wonderful discussions with Bombay when I was treated so kindly as I was so frustrated.


  • LCSmithSAVED
    Posted at 01:17h, 06 April Reply

    a couple of weeks ago on the spur of the moment I signed up for a BPC offering by Amy Tan & made a wonderful little album for a trip I took a few days later. i never thought i could make something like this, so it is delightful for that as well as the record of our spring break.

  • me
    Posted at 19:22h, 27 April Reply

    Funny how you are sponsored by HP

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