A Few Simple Clicks Can Elevate Your Everyday Images

A Few Simple Clicks Can Elevate Your Everyday Images

Dandelions by Tracey Clark

Since the rise of iPhoneography, and my undying love of it, one of the most common questions I get asked is what app I use to edit my iPhone images. My answer is simply, Instagram. Yes, I edit most of my images in Instagram, it’s true. I’m not sure why that always surprises people but because it does, I thought it might be helpful to actually share my editing process for those that might be looking to keep their own photo editing of iPhone images that simple. What better time to spread some creative sunshine around than now, the start of spring?

If you don’t already edit your images, I do hope you’re encouraged to give it a go. Instagram really such a simple and effective tool!*  You’re taking the time to capture the moments of your life, why not give them the extra attention they deserve and turn them into little works of art?

Want more? I’m sharing the before and afters and the 15 second videos at @elevatetheeveryday on Instagram and sharing all of the extended videos on a page here on my site called videos. (what else?)

*And here’s a tip. If you want to edit in Instagram and save your edited image to your camera roll without publishing it on Instagram, do your editing in airplane mode and finish the editing process, push the image through like you’re going to publish and it’ll save to your camera roll. When you connect again Instagram will let you know that your image failed to upload. Click the X and click remove. You’re image will be waiting for you in your camera roll for when you’re ready to share it!

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  • Kimberli Stirling
    Posted at 06:19h, 15 February Reply

    I love Instagram and its editing capabilities. I know a lot of photographers who get so mad when people even talk about Instagram edits. But I say, hey use the tools you have! Why drag a photo through the entire Photoshop process when you can do basic (and good) edits much faster! Love it, definitely going to keep following you 🙂

    • Tracey
      Posted at 00:39h, 29 March Reply

      I’ll never understand why any photographer would not want to embrace the ease (and fun) of Instagram edits. I just love it! Glad you’re on Team Instagram! : )

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