A Simple and Subtle Approach to Photo Editing with Joystruck

A Simple and Subtle Approach to Photo Editing with Joystruck

By Tracey Clark edited with Joystruck

When Joystruck reached out to me about their new Lightroom* presets, I was excited to check them out. Specifically, I was drawn to their “one-click installation” as well as their philosophy of photo editing simplicity.  I have heard over and over again from my fellow “everyday photographers” that  photo editing using sophisticated software can often feel overwhelming which, let’s face it, makes the process of photo editing prohibitive. Enter Joystruck: a brand that is committed to keeping photo editing simple via enhancements (aka Lightroom presets) that will simply help improve your images. Period. It’s a refreshing approach!

Anyone who has heard me speak on photography knows that I am all about whatever makes the entire photography process easier on the photographer (from shooting to editing to sharing) which is exactly what Joystruck is out to accomplish. They’ve focused on creating the friendliest customer experience possible, from install, to using the presets, to interacting with their team. Love that!

So…how do the presets look? Here’s a few of my “before and afters” taken right from my Lightroom.

Above: The Fin 2 Preset by Joystruck

Above: The Fin 2 Preset by Joystruck

Above: The Ida 7 Preset by Joystruck

Above: The Ida 7 Preset by Joystruck


Above: The Lola 4 Preset by Joystruck


Above: The Marlo 4 Preset by Joystruck

See what I mean about subtle? The edits are slight but they are just enough to keep the integrity of my original images while also improving them. Joystruck is all about helping to enhance your images without heavy-handed editing that totally changes the entire look and feel of the original image. Instead, the presets they create help to give your image the little lift it needs to elevate it while still looking like the image you captured. For anyone who is new to Lightroom or to presets or for anyone looking for photo-editing simplicity, consider Joystruck. They offer a free sample pack on their site. And if you want to get any of the presets in their entirely and/or grab the whole bundle from their shop, I’ve got a 30% discount code for your entire purchase HERE.

Looking forward to hearing what you think!

*You do need Adobe Lightroom to use these (or any) presets. Personally, I love Lightroom and highly recommend it.  And yes, if you have Lightroom, the Joystruck preset installation really is just one-click. Like magic!

Disclosure: Joystruck gave me a complimentary preset bundle to try, no strings attached. I decided to write this post as a response to the positive experience I had with the product.

  • Kohl Tabori
    Posted at 19:37h, 08 July Reply

    I love using presets in Lightroom. I just downloaded the 8 free presets and can’t wait to use them this weekend. Thank you for sharing and thanks to my sister, Cindy Castro, for showing me your post!

    • Tracey
      Posted at 20:58h, 15 July Reply

      Thanks so much for your comment Kohl! I’m thrilled you downloaded the free bundle from Joystruck! (PS I adore Cindy!)

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