A Superhero Shot for BSM

A Superhero Shot for BSM

Being Seen by Andrea Scher.

My Oregon adventure was amazing beyond words. God knows I’ve been posting enough of the images on Flickr to prove it. I could try to articulate how much it meant to spend quality time with 11 soul-sisters but I think when the planets align like that, the words only fall flat and could never really conjure up the magic that swirled about in the salty air, beneath the Mystical Manzanita Moon.

Among countless other gifts, I came home with an entire collection of photographs of myself which is a rarity for sure. That the shots so beautifully and insightfully tell the story of who I am leaves me feeling deeply seen and makes me weepy with gratitude.

I am a soul-searcher at heart so receiving photographs that have captured a part of my soul feels incredible. Through the lenses of women I hold dear, I am able to see myself as I am and as I strive to be;






and full of love.

Sometimes these kinds of shots are the Best Shots there are.

Share your Best Shots today, whomever and whatever they may have captured.

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