Disneyland is Ours

Disneyland is Ours


Being Disney fans runs in the family. And because we’re close to the park and have annual passes (best Christmas present ever- thank you Ama!) we’re at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure a lot. But over the years, our Disney experiences have ebbed, flowed and evolved with the influence of various stages of family life. When my youngest was too young to enjoy rides (as in, she was petrified of them) we visited much less often. When my oldest hit her High School stride (and free time was never really free) we let her pass lapse. It makes sense. Life happens. Things change. As for right now, Disney visits are all about my youngest daughter and I. Of course, there are a host of other very special people that weave in, out and through our many Disney adventures but at this moment in time for me, it’s all about her. And I. Together.

Disneyland is our thing.

It’s something we talk about, plan for and look forward to. We put Disney days in our calendar, we take surprise trips, we dress up and #DisneyBound, we stroll, we snack, we savor, we ride, we scream, we laugh and we take pictures.

The Disney Parks are where so many of our family memories are made, where traditions are born, where friendships grow, where time stands still, where the outside world falls away and where magic is made. No matter the season (winter, spring, summer, fall), no matter the occasion (Christmas, Halloween, Anniversaries, special events), no matter the company (sisters, cousins, grandparents, friends- the more the merrier!) Disneyland is ours. And I treasure every moment of magic that we get to spend together.

Disney Parks Tracey Clark

For anything and everything about Disney Parks visit the Disney Parks Blog. You’ll get the full scoop on all the awesome happenings that are going on for the next year in celebration of the #disneyland60 Diamond Anniversary. And don’t miss Mickey’s Trick or Treat Party! It runs on select night through Oct 31. A special thanks to Disney for inviting us to this years Halloweentime kick off event. It was super awesome (and not sad at all, despite what my sister might say).

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