Easing into Transition

Easing into Transition


I have said good-bye to my old digs at blogger. I am eager to ease into this new space.

Thank you as always for your support and encouragement. I am grateful that you are coming along in this new adventure with me. Here’s to making this an easy transition.


  • Gayle
    Posted at 00:52h, 09 February Reply

    Your new space is beautiful! I wish you many years of happiness here!

  • MelodyA.
    Posted at 00:56h, 09 February Reply

    Wow, what a beautiful place you have here! Here’s to many more years of wonderful inspiration. Congrats.

  • Colleen
    Posted at 01:05h, 09 February Reply

    How very very exciting!!! I’m so happy for you…. and the blog… it’s gorgeous.

  • megan
    Posted at 01:06h, 09 February Reply

    what a lovely new pad you have, tracey! i look forward to reading you over here :). cheers!

  • Lawyer Mama
    Posted at 01:22h, 09 February Reply

    It is like giving birth, isn’t it? (-; I love it. It looks great!

  • Sarah-Ji
    Posted at 01:26h, 09 February Reply

    Yay! It’s beautiful, Tracey. So excited for you!

  • Lee-Ann
    Posted at 01:27h, 09 February Reply

    This is so beautiful! I love the photos in your gallery! Esp the pink flowers and the woman playing guitar…oh sooo nice! Congradulations!!

  • tracey
    Posted at 01:30h, 09 February Reply

    thanks everyone! lee-ann the woman playing guitar is actually Miley Cyrus. she’s pretty cute in that one with her bare feet and all!

  • spread your wings
    Posted at 01:34h, 09 February Reply

    just as nice over here – yeah maybe nicer.

  • sweetsalty kate
    Posted at 01:42h, 09 February Reply

    Gorgeous, girl. Just perfect! Now go have a glass of wine, or something stronger. Well done!

  • Andrea
    Posted at 01:57h, 09 February Reply

    Change is good. I’m diggin’ the new space!

  • camerashymomma
    Posted at 02:27h, 09 February Reply

    hello! i love your new place, it’s beautiful! congrats!! now go celebrate 🙂

  • maya | springtree road
    Posted at 02:28h, 09 February Reply

    looks lovely! i send you salt and bread in your new spot.

  • Amy
    Posted at 03:01h, 09 February Reply

    Oh tracey! Love the opening page. Your photos are a dream:) welcome to squarespace…I believe one of the best blog website platforms out there:) I’m wondering if you would still want to ad my duet site on your sidebar? I’m working on it;)

  • busymomma66
    Posted at 03:19h, 09 February Reply

    Love the new digs! Great photo!!

  • Mariah
    Posted at 03:21h, 09 February Reply

    It’s beautiful! Congratulations…

  • DawnS
    Posted at 03:41h, 09 February Reply

    Congrats on your new space…it looks amazing! Can’t wait to explore.

  • Christina
    Posted at 04:02h, 09 February Reply

    Yay, congrats on your GORGEOUS new home!!

  • Dawn
    Posted at 04:03h, 09 February Reply

    All the Best with the new site…

  • Brittany
    Posted at 04:32h, 09 February Reply

    This is beautiful! Love the new look!

  • Joanna
    Posted at 04:32h, 09 February Reply

    Congratulations! The new site and blog are beautiful!

  • carrie
    Posted at 05:12h, 09 February Reply

    it is so very beautiful! was the move (archives, etc…) painful?
    congrats on your new baby!

  • Chookooloonks
    Posted at 05:37h, 09 February Reply

    Beautiful, Tracey — congratulations!


  • golightly
    Posted at 05:39h, 09 February Reply

    As I said already, a beautiful space.

  • mary cuevas
    Posted at 18:46h, 09 February Reply

    looks beautiful!!!:) love the photos!!!!

  • Mama DB
    Posted at 21:45h, 11 February Reply

    Great new digs!

  • kosenrufu mama
    Posted at 00:10h, 13 February Reply


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