flirting with organization

flirting with organization

Because I have long said good-bye to focusing on all the things I’m not, I won’t go into a tirade about my lack of organizational skills. Nothing good can come of it and it only gets ugly. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t even be an issue if I wasn’t a Virgo who has always desperately wanted to be organized but, that’s a personal problem and one I won’t bother harping on.

My new approach is an attempt to find solutions. I have still yet to dial in an optimum organizational system for myself so I am always keeping my eyes out for something that might work for me. Calendars work pretty well. And so do lists. And though i have considered trying some online solutions, I love writing with a pen or pencil, on real paper far too much to replace all my chicken scratches with plucking out keys. I do enough of that anyway.

As if she was reading my mind, Kristin Rutten, founder of Log Your Memory, offered to send me a copy of the new 2011 Memory Logbook. It’s an adorable, near purse-sized (yet quite thick) spiral journal that is designed to be your everything book. It’s choc full of places to write and ways to keep your thoughts organized. From cleverly designed monthly calendar (including themes you can infuse into each month) to weekly calendars that offer list lines to write on each day to plenty of room for daily notes, the calendar part is covered. Keep in mind that this is a book specifically designed for scrapbookers so the point of this book is to jot down notes, to-dos, thoughts, feelings, ideas, and inspirations to draw upon later (like for scrapbooking or other creative projects).

The cute-clever parts of the book come in the details. The prompted pages near the end called “questionaires” ask questions about holidays, bdays and other life events. And there are photo prompts as well that give you some ideas of what to shoot. Considering my Motherhood Memory Albums are all prompts, you can imagine I’m a big fan of the questionnaires pages. And at the very end of the book there are a number of pages dedicated to scrapbook challenges.

It’s a well thought out book that is really meant to be a “jotters journal”, so the paper and cover might be thinner than you’re used to for standard journals but that can make it less intimidating and more likely to actually be used (and not just stored on the shelves). Thanks Kristin for offering such a great invitation to the unique systems of Log Your Memory.

What do you use to keep your systems in place? Or, are you like me, desperately seeking a system? Log Your Memory has got me excited to keep exploring all the many options of organization out there. I would love to hear your ideas.


Congratualtions to the winner of Picture the Holidays: Jeanne Boyle. YAY! Class starts Dec 1st. See you there.

  • Mary Ann
    Posted at 11:02h, 30 November Reply

    I am also desperately seeking organization–will check out the memory book. I do have a blackberry that I use for work, but I really don't want to use that for home. I prefer pen and paper.

  • Becky Sue
    Posted at 13:28h, 30 November Reply

    To know that my disorganization and desire to be organized is all because I'm a Virgo offers some relief to this cluttered mind. 🙂

    I wish I had those Motherhood Journals when my kids were little, I could have used a little photo prompting.

  • Kristin Rutten
    Posted at 14:31h, 30 November Reply

    Thanks Tracey!! I'm glad you like the Memory Logbook … if anyone has any questions, feel free to post them and I'll come back later to try and answer them. 🙂

  • jackie
    Posted at 15:01h, 30 November Reply

    i am all about list and journals for organization. i will have to look into the memory logbook. thanks! i am soooo excited about "picture the holidays".

  • AnnGeeDee
    Posted at 15:52h, 30 November Reply

    I, too, am a list maker and I enjoy writing in pen or pencil. The problem comes when I forget my list as I leave the office or home or wherever I've created it. I carry my iphone with me all the time, so when Tina Roth Eisenberg (the creator of came out with her simple, designy TeuxDeux app, I got it immediately. It has helped me keep up with my grocery list, my home projects and gift ideas all in one place. I do miss doodling on the list pages, though….

  • Rebecca
    Posted at 18:08h, 30 November Reply

    I do lists, both on my iPhone, on paper and on my computer. The problem is remembering to look at them and hopefully be able to actually check things off. I loved the Memory Logbook last year even though I didn't get to keep up with it, life just got too busy. Funny how we always want to "put things together" in a list when so often life does not like to be put into categories.

  • melanie
    Posted at 01:46h, 01 December Reply

    Oh my, I could have written that first paragraph. As a fellow disorganized Virgoan, I could benefit from your practice of saying goodbye to all the things you are not. You weren't giving advice, but that would be wonderful advice to give! I'm going to take it away with me anyway.

  • beth
    Posted at 02:15h, 01 December Reply

    i have 3×5 index cards all over the place….it works most of the time 🙂

  • Phoe
    Posted at 18:53h, 01 December Reply

    I went looking for a new system and found that I always fall back on the old system: a calendar and lots and lots of lists.

  • rags
    Posted at 22:51h, 01 December Reply

    Oh, Tracey, I hear you I hear you! I've always described myself as a failed virgo. I am SO disorganised but absolutely crave the neatly packed and labelled life. I'm a list maker, but my notebooks get so messy and scribbled, or the one I made last year wasn't used in case I spoil it! Lol! How silly is that? I bought last year's memory logbook, but never got started – I think the size (A4) was a big hinderence, but know my lack of focus doesn't help. I'd like to get the new version, but will I be any more disciplined? Love the idea of your motherhood journals – do they come in download versions by chance? Cheers and happy holidays 🙂

  • Michelle McGee
    Posted at 20:39h, 24 February Reply

    Hi Tracey,
    I am intrigued by the logbook. Can you give me an update and tell me how you are liking it? I'm considering a purchase.

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