friday light : coming around

friday light : coming around

Well, I’m finally feeling like we might be coming out of the woods with Junie. It’s been a challenging week being on high-mama-alert, worried sick about her. Alas, she’s seeming to be a little more herself (if only in short bursts) which is a huge relief. I cannot tell you how appreciative I’ve been of my friends on facebook and twitter for such kindness and encouragement. Thank you so much!

I’m happy to say I now can be here in the awesome town of Berkeley for my photo workshop at Teahouse Studios. After an early flight up, I have already been by the studio and I am totally smitten! I simply cannot wait to spend two days there talking shop and taking pics with other shutter sisters.

We are going to have so much fun! Plenty of photos to come, I guarantee it!

Just to clarify: Pictured above is our puppy Grady who was fixed the same day Junie was. He is doing very well and is already bouncing off the walls since his procedure. Junie was so sick after hers I didn’t take pictures of her.

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