Gone Baby Gone

Gone Baby Gone

Since I am about out the door for an adventure filled holiday weekend with 12 10-year-olds at Surf Camp (yes we’ve had thundershowers for 24 hours now, oh joy) I thought I’d post my Best Shot Monday today! I won’t be home until Monday afternoon (unless of course we get rained out) so we’ll just call this a Best Shot weekend!

After reading the Parent Bloggers Blog Blast prompt, I got all weepy and nostalgic about the days when I’d take my daughters to the beach when they were babies. Sunhats and big bottomed bikinis stuffed with swim diapers are a thing of the past for this family-she says half heartbroken and half with a sigh of relief-but our beach excursions will hopefully go on and on.

Even though the chance of thunderstorms will be in effect through this holiday weekend, I am still going to post an ode to my favorite place in all the world…the beach.

May you all enjoy your weekend, whatever it may hold.

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