I am Enough from Catherine Ruiz

I am Enough from Catherine Ruiz


Everyone has a story to share that makes them who they are, today marks two decades, a year and 2 months of my existence and I decided to share mine.

I am enough, more than enough.

I have not always felt that way but with time I have come to realize that only I can make myself feel whole. I can make myself feel more than enough even when the world wants me to feel otherwise.

Society plays a huge role in the reason many of us do not feel as if we are enough. The reality of it is we are all more than enough.

More than enough than what the media has portrayed us to believe.

More than enough than the gender roles society expects us to follow.

More than enough than what some people in our lives have made us feel, but above all we are more than enough than what we think.

Throughout my existence, I have learned from every experience both good and bad to love myself a little more than I did the day before. No matter the obstacle, I have always tried to maintain a positive attitude and practice my radical self-love.

I started practicing radical self-love after reading a book with a dear friend of mine and it made me realize that I should be content with who I was and not trying to figure out who I needed to be.

I needed to completely be content with who I was in order to become a much happier person which meant I needed to embrace every socially constructed flaw that came along with that.

Every aspect in my life has made me who I am and regardless of whether my life is appealing to others, this is me and I am enough.

I have loved, lost, smiled, and cried but above all I have always stayed true to feeling as if I am enough. It has not always been easy because there have been so many times where I’ve felt I was not good enough but I always managed to  pull myself together. I have not done it alone. I have so many great people to thank who have pulled me up and pushed me down. Everyone that was walked into my life has left some kind of imprint that will always stay with me no matter what the situation has been. Nothing is regretted when you are enough.

No one can ever take that away from you unless you let them. We were not born with a price tag so never let anyone dictate your worth. Life is unpredictable and things come and go but always remember,  your life because of who you are has a meaning and you are more than ENOUGH.





Catherine Ruiz, aspiring Journalism and Women, Gender, and Sexualities double-major from California who is currently serving in the United States Army. Loves to read and write. Find her on Facebook.

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