I am enough from Jane Hinchliffe

I am enough from Jane Hinchliffe


The words – ‘I am enough’, resonate deeply for me.  My moment of deep realisation came to me in a flash of insight, whilst meditating.  I was so moved, that I drew an artwork poster  for others to download as a daily reminder. 

Sometimes however, I forget this simple truth – getting wrapped up in day-to-day life with its pressures, constraints and demands.  It is at these times that I have a sense that I am treating myself disrespectfully and without compassion.  What was the crime?  Usually it is the ‘perfectionist’ part of me that feels let down by my human frailties.  Too many plates spinning at once and perhaps one or two tumbling and ultimately smashing.  I scold myself inwardly for being far short of ‘perfect’ yet again…  Then later, I remember, I am enough… I glimpse the beauty of my imperfections, my infallibilities and I cringe at the harshness and ferocity of my attack.

I believe that we were all created from love by God (or Spirit, the Divine, Universal Lifeforce etc).  That whenever we disparage ourselves (or others), we separate from our Source.  In doing so, we move away from our true origin – the all-knowing, all-loving peace and love which floods our core if only we embrace it. 

There is so much pressure to conform to 21st century ideals for beauty, material wealth, achievement etc., that we have lost perspective of this ancient wisdom that we were all born with.  We are all perfect in our Creator’s eyes.  We just forget sometimes….

So, as I sit here, weaving these words together, I have numerous clanging bells vying for my attention – laundry to wash, a house to clean, artwork to complete, a dog to walk and so on…  I can choose how I want to respond to my constant ‘to do’ list with fear, angst and ferocious determination for a ‘clear desk’ or I can say softly, lovingly, tenderly…  it’s okay, I  am loved just as I am…. 

For now, my focus is to savour the dappled sun glittering through the leaf-laden trees, the bird silently moving across the lush, green lawn, the distant hum of bees, a light breeze caressing my cheek, children playing, and my steady breath. 

I hear,

I smile,


I know…

I am enough… says my beating heart;

I am enough…. says my forty-something body;

and finally,

I am enough… I say…


About Jane Hinchliffe

Jane Hinchliffe is an Artist and Self-Discovery Coach who lives with her family in a small village in the Yorkshire Dales, UK.  She enjoys dancing to loud music with her boys around the kitchen table, taking copious photos of ‘the great outdoors’ whilst on dog walks and reading in bed.  Jane is committed to helping women who are interested in personal transformation.  Jane can be found at www.janehinchliffe.com and her blog is named Blank Canvas Waiting

Artwork featured above titled Loved by Jane Hinchliffe.

For a free download of Jane’s beautiful art poster, I am Enough, click HERE!

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