i am enough from leanne coley

i am enough from leanne coley


I am.
I breathe. In more shallowly than out.
I am more than what you see,
I am more than what I say,
I am more than what they spit.
I am skin and flesh and spark and thought.
I am soft.
I am here.
I am fear sometimes, bundled up in disguise, a charade dancing in black in the masquerade.
Dressed, blueprints in hand waiting middle finger out for a ride that I don’t want offered and would not take.
I am not angry.
I am gentle and sensitive and insecure and self preserving.
I am fertile and abundant.
I love, sometimes too easily.
I am an artist because I create,
I am a writer because I write
through me, from there, to here, like water.
I see in pictures, framed in the view finder of my eye.
Always looking.
Always being.
I am woman
I am mother
I am a lover
I am hunter
I am animal, wild and fresh and vicious in defence.
I howl with the moon and am agitated by the wind.
I am exhausted and drowning, and letting go.
I am small.
I am quiet on the outside but inside I am deliciously fierce and unbridled.
I am learning to be beautiful, because I am.
I am unfolding.
I am desire,
But I am not hungry for more, instead satisfied by less.
A smile, a smell, a leaf, the light, and I am nourished.
I am simple.
I feel.
I am grateful.

I am enough.







Leanne Coley lives in the wild hills of The Northern Rivers region of Australia.  When she is not dreaming unrestrainedly and gazing at her mountains, she spends her time as Mama to two small people, writing and capturing images of lifes simplest things.  You can find her pictures and musings here on her blog…  http://homemaderainbows.wordpress.com/




  • michelle gd
    Posted at 23:31h, 17 August Reply

    so rich…

  • lauren
    Posted at 12:49h, 18 November Reply

    i have been struggling with this. never thinking that i am enough or that my efforts are fruity. i feel sad, too hyper, fat, annoying, too annoyed, too masculine, feathery,

    adjectives that corner me into a pit of what i am not

    i am beautiful, and i need poems and life words like this to read, often, because society can be cruel. this poem is not a crutch for surviving, but medicine. thanks :p

  • Bam Coley
    Posted at 02:17h, 23 September Reply

    I know I’m late to finally reading this but what a beautiful piece it truly is
    Great job Leanne!

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