In celebration of brave hearts

In celebration of brave hearts

We usually celebrate the obvious things. Markers and milestones that are festive and fun (like birthdays and other big events) but sometimes there are things to celebrate that are happening below the surface. A shifting of something with in us, a private accomplishment, a personal decision we make for ourselves, the start of something new as we let go of something we no longer need (literally or figuratively).  Whatever it might be, I think it’s time we celebrate it.

When our internal struggles finally come to resolution through stretching, growing, clarity or letting go, it can be life-changing.  And even still, we choose not to share them. We downplay them.  We don’t mark the importance. But, these things deep within us?  They are worthy of celebration. We might not feel compelled to wear a crown or make a public declaration, but we can certainly choose to do something that marks the moment of something that is worth celebrating.

Whether we share it with the world (which can be really scary but often necessary and satisfying) or keep it to ourselves, it’s time we celebrate who we are, where we’ve been and where we are going and all the awesomely brave things we do along the way. Today, I urge you to look within yourself and discover what is longing to be celebrated.

Taking a risk? Completing something? Starting something? Opening yourself up? Declaring your enoughness? Stretching yourself? Sharing something vulnerable? Speaking your mind? Sharing your art? Seeking help? Letting go? Moving on? Taking care of yourself? Dreaming big? Making plans? Making a change? Challenging yourself?

I hold in my heart celebration for all of the courageous things we do everyday. It’s time to celebrate!

If you’d like to share something you’d like to celebrate, I encourage you to leave a comment here. I’d love to hear what’s on your mind and in your brave heart.

  • Heather
    Posted at 03:23h, 26 June Reply

    I'm celebrating making a decision to put my family first. To realize that some dreams aren't worth the energy and that it's more than okay to change my mind. I love celebrating mundane things. Use the good silver and bring out the glasses!

  • Elizabeth
    Posted at 03:34h, 26 June Reply

    On this day, 15 years ago, I was a scared 18 year old, giving my sister a kidney so she could pee all by herself again. 3 years ago, her (my) kidney failed, which sent me into a tail spin of sadness and gloom. 1 year ago, she got a new kidney from a loving family who could see hope in tragedy. today I celebrate all I learned about myself and my sister. Thank you for this post. It took a long time to pull away from the sadness I felt when my life giving organ failed, and although a lot of people tried to sooth me by saying, but look how long it lasted, no one understood the level of loss for me. Today I choose to dwell on the addition, not the subtraction. I choose to remember the sacrifice, not the loss. And I will remember the lessons learned, not the pain and sadness. okay enough cheese. Thank you for your words today. They were nice to hear.

  • justine
    Posted at 07:51h, 28 June Reply

    my youngest son finishes school this week. I never thought when I first held my baby in my arms that we would reach this point so quickly. It is such a momentous point in the journey of motherhood, to arrive with no children at school. I am trying to process how I feel about it all, there is so much sadness that this part of his life is over. I know I will still be needed but my son is now an adult and I need to re focus and connect with him and find a new role for myself, something I am finding hard to work out. I am so proud of him and all he has achieved, he has worked so hard and grown into such a wonderful young man. I celebrate the end of his time at school.

  • Naomi
    Posted at 22:30h, 29 June Reply

    I can hardly believe that my little blog started a year and a half ago ( hit 100 followers today. Talk about taking a risk to put myself out there! That people would like to see my photography and read my thoughts baffles me still. But I am giddily jumping for joy and mentally doing cartwheels today in celebration of this accomplishment.

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  • Teresa
    Posted at 12:32h, 12 July Reply

    Celebrating a new business, a new idea, a new website and a blog:( I am frightened, exhilerated and liberated all at the same time. My first mustard seed of belief in this possibility came to me after reading your " I am enough" article in Artful Blogging by Somerset Studio. Now I've jumped in with both feet and I never want to look back:)

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