It’s Time to Hop Skip Jump

It’s Time to Hop Skip Jump


The truth of the matter is, I don’t play enough in my life. Plain and simple. I’m a fun-loving kinda gal but even still, I easily slip into routines where work is put first and play is only “allowed” when the work is over. The trickiest part of that is that it’s rare the work ever gets done. I learned that a long time ago and still, I find myself stuck in that trap again and again.

When I was introduced to Hop, Skip, Jump 75 Ways to Playfully Manifest a Meaningful Life by Marney K. Makridakis I was intrigued and excited to hear that it wasn’t about work or play or even work vs. play, it was about the power of integrating them together. I love the idea of having more fun and getting more done. Who knew? Thankfully Marney does and she shares tips, tricks, tools and techniques to help us tap into play in a whole new way. Imagine being more playful and more productive? I know, it sounds awesome, right? It is. Hop, Skip, Jump takes a refreshing and fun approach to discovering our individual “play personality” which can be our ally in manifesting our best life.

Hop_Skip_JumpInterested in finding out your own personal “play personality” style? Take the simple (and fun) quiz to discover yours and get a free productivity pack geared to your own style. FYI, mine is SKIP.

And because it’s book launch day, Marney is offering the coolest incentive to ordering a copy (or copies) of the book today through her website; with each book ordered today through her site you receive a $15 Artella eGift certificate. Fun!

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