Kaboom! Kaboom!

Kaboom! Kaboom!

I am not a mom who takes pride in how clean her home is, just so you know. Yes, I try to have it look nice and tidy, but really clean? Um, not really. Unless we’re having company over and then, I’ll clean it. So, as soon as I heard that some cleaning product called Kaboom Neverscrub was up for review at The Parent Blogger Network, you had better believe I was trying it. Although, I was skeptical.

To my delight, I have literally only had to scrub my toilet twice since installing the little miracle cleaner over 2 months ago. I know it’s called Neverscrub but when you live with 2 young children and a husband…well…things happen. I won’t pretend I was 100% comfortable “installing” the little doohickey in the toilet at first. I was going to save the job for my hubby BUT I decided to be a real woman about it and empower myself (yes, conquering something as silly as this makes me feel empowered–say what you will) and it really was easy to do. My favorite part about Kaboom Neverscrub is the fresh scent it gives the bathroom after every flush. No, I’m not kidding. My office is right off the main bathroom of the house so I will tell you , I appreciate the fresh smell. I really do! And I only have to replace this baby every few months which is only makes me love Neverscrub more. I kinda thought the refills might be expensive but no way. Like 6 bucks a refill (they last 3 months). Hello clean toilets!!

I got a bottle of the Kaboom Shower, Tub & Tile cleaner too and find that equally as effective. Since I’m not hip on deep cleaning, we shower with water stains at our feet. I know. Eeew. SO, I thought “what better a test for this purple bottle of Kaboom than my shower floor.” I tried it once, waited a few minutes and wiped it off. It lifted the stains a bit. But since they have been there since we moved in practically (which was over years ago–double eeew) I gave it one more spray and a little elbow grease (only a little) and KABOOM! It worked. My shower floor looks as good as new! And I wasn’t all dizzy and sick from the toxic stench like those other miracle cleaners because there isn’t one. Another big plus. In other words, I’m pretty much sold on Kaboom now and from what I’ve heard around The Parent Blogger Network reviews, you might be too.

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