Let’s Zoom

Let’s Zoom

I have always loved connecting and communicating with friends—new and old, near and far, online and in real life. So many wonderful years of working and connecting online and gathering amazing people together has provided such rich opportunities to share my perspective, thoughts, and insights about photography, motherhood, and cultivating a creative lifestyle. I’ve always enjoyed teaching classes and speaking in front of larger crowds alike but have also found such satisfaction and joy connecting with people one-on-one. There’s something so special and unique about personal interactions on an intimate scale that I want to start offering one-on-one opportunities that cultivate that. With Zoom making it so easy to meet up virtually for authentic, real, face-to-face exchanges, we can use technology to its greatest advantage; to further nurture our invaluable human connection.

Real Time Zoom Call is a brand new offering from me; a chance to connect one-on-one. Because sometimes you just want someone to talk to, to share stories and exchange ideas with. Sometimes all you need is a new perspective, a trusted resource, a little advice, or some encouragement. Oh, and of course a little levity and laughter! Those are a few of the things I feel I can offer on our call together. I can also extend suggestions, possibilities, direction, instruction and/or creative coaching in ways that align with where you’re at and how you’d like to grow. Of course, if all you’ve got right now are questions for me, I’m an open book! I’m happy to talk about whatever you’re curious about.

All you’ll need to do is answer a few simple questions when you schedule your call time with me. It’ll help me get to know you so I can loosly shape our call to be sure you get just what you need, and hopefully even more! The best part of connecting and sharing in real time is the authenticity, the spark, the joy, and the magic that comes from unscripted time spent interacting together. Whether you have specific questions in mind, you need some gentle guidance, or just a fun, easy, real conversation, I would love to talk with you. 

Visit the Real Time Registration page to schedule your Zoom call!

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