Don't Think

Don't Think

a story of magic by Susan Tuttle

Grab your camera and go!

Don’t think.

Follow your creative instincts, let go, enjoy, get out of your head that tends to over-think if given the chance, open up and allow yourself to see; not just with your eyes, but with something deep inside of you that vibrates whenever you find beauty.

Trust yourself and rely on your creative voice.

Shoot from the gut.

I believe that a truly good photo has something precious about it that touches the viewer; something she knows and feels but may have a hard time putting into words. It emanates from the subject matter and the way in which the photographer sees the subject, and often has very little to do with the photographer’s technical skill. While you are shooting pictures, at some point you feel this ‘something special’ in your gut — it happens quickly — where you recognize beauty in an instant moment, and very swiftly, without much thought or planning, you click the shutter button as a feeling rises in your chest. And you know you have experienced and captured magic!

Magic is often found where we least expect it to be.

Change up the perspective when you shoot. Photograph a portrait of someone from behind. Lie down on the ground and point your camera up to the sky. Turn over onto your belly and look carefully at the world that is normally underfoot, unnoticed. Photograph the eyes of someone you love.

Don’t forget to turn around, as the magic may have been there all along. Waiting in the light.

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