Making Memories with Snoopy

Making Memories with Snoopy

Last Sunday was a whirlwind of pink sponge curlers, dance costumes, commutes, run-throughs, super-markets, not to mention, streets slick with rain. And all of that happened before we could even think about leaving for the media holiday event at Knott’s Berry Farm. It had been years and years since my last visit to Knott’s and because my family had never experienced Knott’s “MerryFarm” we were all really looking forward to it. I knew I, for one, was in dire need of an infusion of  “Holiday Spirit” and the chance to slow down and enjoy some seasonal cheer sounded ideal. A hectic schedule and a little rain weren’t going to stop me. Needless to say—due to our harried morning—we arrived just as the reception was about to wrap up. Luckily, we managed to get a quick picture with Santa-Snoopy, enjoy a holiday treat, and sit down in the festive space long enough to warm up and dry off.

Most of the other attendees had already headed out to run around the park except my sister and I, so all was quiet and calm as our girls got to decorate the last of the gingerbread men. Things were clearly winding down but that didn’t stop Snoopy from coming over to join us.

{cue the uplifting holiday music}

The next 10 minutes were enough to melt any mother’s heart, especially a mother who had raced to get there, a mother who really needed some holiday magic, and perhaps most importantly a mother who has loved Snoopy since her earliest childhood memories.

As my daughter, my niece, and Snoopy shared some giggles and hugs and bonded over cookie decorating, I began to feel nostalgic. Watching Snoopy—Santa Snoopy no less—tenderly interact with my daughter as she beamed brighter than the North Star, I was reminded of all the things that made the holiday season special; friends, family, moments, and memories. I eyes flooded with memories of Christmas’s past; both those of my children and those of my own and was reminded that poignant interactions and meaningful experiences are really what bring us the most joy, not just during the holiday season but always. I soaked in those few minutes knowing that it was precisely that kind of magic that would help mindfully carry me through the rush of December.

A very special thanks to Lala Castro at Giga Savvy, Knott’s Berry Farm & of course, Snoopy himself for inviting us to the event and giving my family and I our very own little Christmas miracle.

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