My Best Shot and Kate's Perfect Post

My Best Shot and Kate's Perfect Post

Last summer my family and I traveled to Key West Florida where this shot was taken. It’s one of many that I took on the trip that only touches on the history that exists at this southernmost point. Even simple photos of the architecture give you the feeling that you are not alone there, that there is more than meets the naked eye, that those that came before accompany you with each step.

I hadn’t really reflected much on the trip until a few days ago when I was deeply stirred by a post over at SweetSalty. The photos Kate posted of her peaceful place are sacred, still, and so impossibly hopeful. The quiet calm, the whispering wind, the tranquility she captured prompted me to re-look at some of my photos from our trip.

I began to see things I hadn’t seen before as I poured over the images using her words as a guide. Her offering enlightened me and filled me with an understanding I hadn’t held before. Everything about Kate’s Perfect Post is poetry. Each word woven into the next with some sort of soul string that is beyond anything I can explain. It may be intangible (and something I cannot convey through words) but I can feel it.

The image I share today for My Best Shot is another ode to Kate. To hope and love, to the past and present and to keeping the balance of both. But most of all it’s an ode to magic.

I lust so deeply for magic, I swear sometimes I can will it into existence.

These words of Kate’s call to me as does the black bird perched on the fence of the ancient cemetery—singing to all of us that our mere will for magic can most certainly bring with it little miracles.

What shots do you have to share with us today and what kind of magic do they hold for you?
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