My Best Shot of Me (behind the camera, of course)

My Best Shot of Me (behind the camera, of course)

Recently, I was asked to shoot a self-portrait for a project that a good friend is working on. Although this shot isn’t the one I gave her, it is one of my favorites from my little self-portrait session. I love off beat the texture in the shot (see noise all on the right side of the image). The trick? I shot it into a beloved antique mirror. The age of the glass can be seen in the photo and was nicely highlighted by the sunlight beaming in. It gives it kind of a funky nostalgic feel.

I think I like it mostly because I’ve been feeling a little funky lately…like maybe I’m going through my own little personal growth spurt. Those can be kinda weird. Good, but weird. This shot conveys the strangeness I have been feeling; a little melancholy, a little blue and a lot moody. I’ll get through it, I always do. But for now. I have to just sit with the funkiness, reflect on it and then bid it ‘good day’.

All that just to ask you, what kind of reflection does your best shot offer today?


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