Red Carpet Recoup

Red Carpet Recoup

So, last night was the “Red Carpet” Wii launch party at the new Boulevard3 in Hollywood. Yes, me and the hub were invited. I am a Nintendo Ambassador after all. Like how I throw that phrase around? I’m just trying to milk my gaming stardom for the next day or two because once the clock strikes twelve on Saturday night (and the Wii is available to the public) nobody and I mean nobody is going to give a doggone about my Ambassador status. Hell, nobody cares now, who am I kidding?

But, about last night…
I wish I had photos to share but I don’t. I couldn’t even find anything online. I wish I could drop names but I can’t. Well, except Justin Timberlake (sans Cameron-damn!) and Mischa Barton (hubby swears he saw her) who count for two names. But hardly enough to mention. I wish I could tell you I fit right in, but I didn’t. I wish I could tell you being surrounded by all that beautiful youth (in that bizarre twisted Hollywood way) didn’t make me feel old, but it did. But I will tell you that it made me realize how perfectly content I am being who I am, young, old or otherwise. The “scene” is fun for about 10 minutes (OK, we stayed for 3 hours) but it’s much more satisfying living my own scene; the chaos, creativity, challenges, and children that make my life rich and worthwhile. What am I telling you for? You already know because I’m certain that’s how you all feel as well. We are in this Motherhood thing together and amidst all of it’s absurdities, it’s the best thing since Ms. Pac Man.

We did enjoy ourselves last night. Being invited to participate in Nintendo’s master plan of the Wii System Launch has been nothing but a pleasure, as I have said a millions times before. And I think last night might have been the end of this zany, surreal, gaming story. But, um, I’ll keep you posted.

  • jenlemen
    Posted at 04:17h, 18 November Reply

    so what did you end up wearing? i cannot imagine that you didn’t look fantastic and completely gorgeous!

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 13:05h, 20 November Reply

    Congrats on your gaming night in the spotlight!“>Kids Furniture Crazy

  • Pendullum
    Posted at 16:07h, 20 November Reply

    So is this like the Oscars of game nights…
    So who is the annoying Joan Rivers type that asks you who you are wearing???? Is it Mario or Luigi???
    And to think we know you in blogland!!!

  • Her Bad Mother
    Posted at 00:58h, 02 December Reply

    Justin and Mischa? Not bad, celeb-wise!

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