Reflection and Resolution

Reflection and Resolution

reflection story by Tracey Clark

For me, September has always felt more like New Year’s than New Year’s has. I know without a doubt that its seasonal, as summer slowly shifts into fall, but even more so, it’s the start of the school calendar. Although my school days have long been over, learning and growing continue, which means September marks yet another start to a brand new session.  There’s a palpable energy that swirls around this time of year for me; a mixture of excitement for what’s ahead and reflection on what has been. Because new beginnings can offer hope, possibility and awareness, I try to slow down enough to pay extra attention to my intuition, my yearnings, and my perspective. I am well aware that the intentions I set now can impact and influence how my next chapter will read as the Universe and I continue on as the co-authors of my autobiography. And because mine is a large in part a picture book, my images also help in setting the tone.

Although I’m the first to admit my everyday life is more cluttered and chaotic than calm and composed, my photographs almost always reflect the later. What I’ve come to realize is that as I document my daily life, I use my camera as a creative tool to mine for the small, shimmering moments that bring me joy, peace, and clarity. I choose to focus on the sparkle and shine of my sometimes tarnished life because it keeps my head and heart where I want them to be; centered, grateful and most of all happy. The images that I create from and of my life illustrate the sublime and often subtle things that exist in the midst of anything and everything else.

As for my New Year’s resolution? I resolve to take good notes and continue to tell my story using my camera to honor my life and the lives of those I hold dear, to reflect back all the love, light and unmistakable beauty there is to be found in each fleeting moment of every single day.

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