Rockin' Best Shot Monday

Rockin' Best Shot Monday

Well, we are back from our summer adventure. Whew. That means of course we are back home to the many luxuries we’ve missed (like a king size bed and a hot shower) but also those we didn’t miss (like endless laundry, dirty dishes and the clean up from the great flood that happened before we left). Even still, it’s great to be home.

The amazing Stephanie seems to be feeling the same way and shared it in this little gem over at Shutter Sisters. Her post prompted my Best Shot for this week as it’s the perfect example of the earth’s currency. There’s nothing more endearing than to have your child discover one of nature’s treasures.

It was along the dirt road on the way to the frog pond that my youngest unearthed this beauty she has since dubbed The Spud Rock (for obvious reasons). That rock came along on the rest of our vacation with us. It even crossed the border into Canada and back again and now it’s taken it’s rightful place on my daughter’s bedroom dresser.

What sorts of treasures have you captured this week? Do share. And welcome back…I missed you.


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