Ever since the holiday season there has been a common theme around our home. Namely of the canine persuasion.

First the decision a furry friend. Immediately followed by the trail and error period which led to the contemplation that perhaps we’re more cat people than dog people. I even sat in on a panel with the people behind the upcoming show on PBS called “Why We Love Cats and Dogs” where I actually asked for their help in the matter. They were very gracious. By the way, I cannot wait to see that show! A day or two later coincidentally began the dog sitting days. Believe me when I tell you if nothing else, dogs give you one more perfect subject for a 365 project. Then, today we topped it all off with an afternoon at the movies seeing Hotel for Dogs. Things are getting ridiculous, I know. By the way, it’s a darling movie!

After all of this, we still don’t have our family pet question answered (except of course that we know fish are cool) and and truth be told I’m OK with it not being decided just now. We’re just going to sit with it. It’s always fun when the puns come easy.

So, why the long drawn-out story then? No reason at all except to preface My Best Shot Monday offering today.

This shot was taken on the pup’s last morning with us waiting for his true mommy (my mom-in-law) to come get him. I call it ‘the final stretch’.

How about you? Share the story of your Best Shot.


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