Scrumptious Spatulatta

Scrumptious Spatulatta

A key ingredient to our summer this year has been my daughters love for cooking. Let’s just say she has definitely taken it up a notch. She scours the cabinets looking for what she needs to make whatever culinary concoction that strikes her fancy. Her approach is reminiscent of a scientist; experimenting, mixing, pouring, measuring, tasting (OK, you don’t taste your science projects but you get the idea).

On many a morning the first thing out of her mouth is something like “mom, do we have any cream of tartar?” For the record I do not share this love affair with cooking. It’s taken me most of my adult life to even find any satisfaction out of feeding my family a home cooked meal, even though (to my credit) I do it almost every night. I chalk it up to being creative in other ways and for this reason perhaps I don’t have enough juice left for the kitchen. All that said, I would never let my culinary malaise damper my daughters enthusiasm. Heck, if she can make the meals around here (and love it) then I can check it off my own list. See, I’ve got motives—can you blame me?

Needless to say that when the new Spatulatta Cookbook came in the mail, my daughter and I were equally thrilled and I am pleased to report that we are giving this kid’s cookbook two yummy thumbs up! The chefs that are featured in the book are the young, lovely and talented Liv and Belle (who are also the hostesses with the mostest at the website of the same Spatulatta name). My daughter appreciates that they are girls, just like her; playful, energetic, funny and real. I love that they are obviously and genuinely really into food and are passionate about getting other kids into it as well.

I will admit that my daughter has complained that, “eeew, Shepard’s Pie sounds disgusting” among a few other recipes she’s cringed at, but that make me give this cookbook even more credit. Unlike some other cookbooks for kids, the Spatulatta recipes go beyond the typical kid’s food (like peanut butter, plain noodles, or sweets). I am happy having my daughter look to these young foodies as role models that offer excellent resources (the book and the site) to encourage her love for cooking in a way that I really can’t. The fact that these girls provide real meals for their family proves that my daughter can do it too and that fuels her passion even more. And to my delight, her enthusiasm about working in the kitchen with is rubbing off (except maybe when she is begging me to try the new quick fudge recipe at 7:30 in the morning). Because of books and websites like Spatulatta, creating fun, festive and yummy meals together is becoming a family activity for us that nourishes body and soul. It doesn’t get more delicious than that.

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    Posted at 14:08h, 24 August Reply

    Very interesting review! My oldest is completely into cooking as well…when we asked at the start of the summer what she wanted to do–one of the things on her list was “learn to cook with Dad” (obviously not a talent I have either). I’m going to check this out…thanks!

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