Shopping Some Best Shots

Shopping Some Best Shots

Our Sunday consisted of a large list of to-dos. The shoe store, Home Depot and the super market. Of course, the camera came with me. Who knew that taking photos in the super market can actually make for a pretty hilarious (and even fun) outing. For a day filled with errands, my girls and I had a pretty good go of it.

The two I’m sharing for my best shot(s) are among my favorites of the 100 photos I took today. Yes, 100! I will add however that the girls got in on the action too so they shot a fraction of the 100. But still! Wow. Talk about trigger happy!

And speaking of running errands and being trigger happy…did you know that you can pop into a Long Drugs and get photos and other photo related products while you shop? HP has a new photo kiosk where it all can happen right there in front of your eyes. Even calendars and cool collage photos. Just one more way to get some of your Best Shots off of your computer and made into something tangible! Something I need to do more often. How about you? I guess this ‘week in the life’ project has really got me thinking about ways to help myself and my family enjoy the photos I take everyday.

And as a little incentive for those of you with a local Longs Drugs in your neighborhood, when I signed up in the Longs Studio Club I got a coupon for bogo free poster. Woot! And for those of you in California, I actually have a coupon to share with you for a bogo free calendar right here. Compliments of Blue Suit Mom. Enjoy!

Happy Best Shot Monday! Can’t wait to see yours.


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