Something About Mother's Day

Something About Mother's Day

One of the many perks of having preschool aged children is getting handmade Mother’s Day gifts. I’m a sucker for every painted, glued, stitched, drawn, folded, pipe cleanered, popsicle sticked work of art.

On the other hand, when you’ve got a near middle-schooler, they are old enough to translate to your spouse your deep and desperate desire for a spa pedicure. Pedicure gift certificates are my most favorite things. Ever. Second only to macaroni jewelry.

Speaking of jewelry, you can still enter the Blue Poppy Motherhood necklace giveaway by leaving a comment on the Mother’s Day Post at Shutter Sisters.

I do hope all of you moms enjoyed your Sunday and took plenty of photos to choose from for your Best Shot Monday. I bet you did, didn’t you?


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