Starting with Love

Starting with Love

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Now that I’ve poised myself to use this space as a space to share my New Year’s Evolution in real time (and everything that that might entail) I am sitting here in my pajamas on New Year’s Day staring at this blank canvas. Blink blink. What to say? Where to begin? What to reveal, share, show? There’s a lot. And I’m not chickening out, AT ALL. I’ve never felt more committed to a decision, a process, and evolution than I do right now. But, sitting here now, I’m feeling as exhausted as I am encouraged and empowered. I’m ready for this. I’m excited about the idea of giving myself a whole year for this evolution and for giving myself the place and space to expand. But, I AM nervous and feeling a little timid.

As I sit here reading through the love notes that I wrote for my daughters for the New Year and Forever and I am realizing that I need to hear these things as much as they do. So, I begin today with these notes. I begin today, with love…to me, from me. And I thank you all so much for your kind words and support too. So, please read these notes as if they were written for you because, as it turns out, they were.

  • Suki
    Posted at 01:50h, 02 January Reply

    One step at a time lovely Tracey!
    This evolution will come but it takes time to evolve some things. Maybe most of the year. May be not. I hope you stay positive and full of energy through this inner and maybe outer change. Who knows what 2013 has in store for us…

  • Blissmamaof3
    Posted at 23:40h, 02 January Reply

    Those are great, thank you and please consider them sent back to you from me. You need to hear and believe those things as well! Looking forward to spending another year with you, your beautiful images and inspiring words. Hugs!!!!

  • JUlie
    Posted at 17:42h, 05 January Reply

    I agree, we need to nurture ourselves every once in awhile. Life happens and happens super fast. As a mom your are primarily focused on others. I don’t have kids and fall into that trap too. But as they say taking care of ourselves is the best we CAN do for others.

    Love your love notes.


  • Blissmamaof3
    Posted at 08:32h, 07 January Reply

    Are your love notes available in PDF format? I’d love to print them in book format for my daughter and nieces, I Betty mom would love it, too! You are so inspiring!!

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