staying true

staying true


As I soar and swirl about in new places where the air seems thinner and it’s more difficult to breath, I try to slow the pace of my breath and the beat of my heart and remember that I am exactly where I want to be. Life and circumstances are happening as I have asked them to. My path is unfolding. I’m not so sure however I knew that even when perfect scenarios come along that it might still be difficult. In other words, not even ‘perfect’ can be perfect. Somehow in the definition of dreams coming true, I tossed in the notion of it being effortless. I am quickly learning otherwise.

I am working on a number of projects of my choosing. Things I love and enjoy and yet I am busier and more pushed for time than ever. I’m realizing that I must learn how to better manage my time now. I must be nimble in my quickness. I must remember why I am choosing to allow myself to be this busy and make peace with it. And most of all, I must be true to who I am, and to my dreams. It hasn’t been easy but it is authentic. And I am holding onto that.

What are you holding onto this week? Share a little something from your heart today.

  • Chris
    Posted at 07:24h, 14 September Reply

    Even in the busy-ness of everyday life, I still will jot down things that make me happy. Now I blog those things. It helps me stay grounded. I just posted some things yesterday…(you were even mentioned in my last one because sometimes, my friend, you words help keep me grounded, too).

  • Amy Jo
    Posted at 11:32h, 14 September Reply

    At least you can still find love all around you, though! Good luck with all of your projects!

    I’m just trying to focus on the sweet things when they arise. It’s been a rough week here, but things are starting to look up a little bit!

  • megan
    Posted at 13:25h, 14 September Reply

    sounds exciting, tracey — hope all unfolds as you hope!


  • Joanna
    Posted at 13:33h, 14 September Reply

    Love this. Isnt it amazing what nature gives us everyday? Good luck in all you are doing.

    My BSM

  • Lu
    Posted at 13:34h, 14 September Reply

    Speaking my truth is what I am holding on to this week. It is not easy choosing to do that even when you know that the truth can sometimes be hurtful. In the end, knowing I was being the best me I knew how to be is what makes being true to myself worthwhile.

  • Heather
    Posted at 15:01h, 14 September Reply

    As always, your words are powerful. Me this week? Holding onto a bit of sadness, the waning days of 33 and joy all the same.

    My BSM this week.

  • andrea
    Posted at 15:22h, 14 September Reply

    oh i am so with you! i love all of the new projects i am working on, and new opportunities coming my way. learning to embrace the busy.
    this week i am holding massive amounts of beauty and love, holding them gently in my heart. feeling very complete and at peace.

  • NTE
    Posted at 15:40h, 14 September Reply

    Lovely. So lovely. My Best Shot is a little bit of chance, a little bit of sharing what I know, and a lot of seeing how much I don’t know (still). But it makes me smile, which is exactly what my heart needs today.

  • Tanya
    Posted at 16:27h, 14 September Reply

    there always seems to be so much going on in my life…of my choosing. balance…i’m also seeking balance. maybe i can learn it from these two girls

  • Puna
    Posted at 16:33h, 14 September Reply

    This is all I can muster for today…trying to give myself a little inspiration for the daily grind:)

    High on a mountain’s ridge.

  • IE Mommy
    Posted at 17:00h, 14 September Reply

    Nothing can be more true to my heart then my little girls. THanks for sharing.

  • killlashandra
    Posted at 17:07h, 14 September Reply

    I love rainbows. They are one of my favorite parts of moving to NM. And I find to stay true to myself, just pulling out the camera phone during the business of the to snap some shots reminds me to stay true.

  • carrie
    Posted at 18:57h, 14 September Reply

    You really can find love everywhere you look. I also love that you are allowing yourself to do what you really LOVE, and just understanding that the busy factor is something that comes along with it and needs to be managed. I am listening and trying hard to learn from you in that.

    My heart is soaring as my big girl found something she loves to do , something we both share a love of.

  • Cara
    Posted at 19:16h, 14 September Reply

    I am holding onto my babies still being babies. I can see the time slipping away in my oldest already.
    I Miei Due Bambini

  • Leslie
    Posted at 20:38h, 14 September Reply

    Between work and family and building most of a home, we are often overwhelmed. Thank you for sharing; your determination is encouraging. I, too, try to focus on making peace with the commitments I’ve chosen (and love) – even when things start to spin and blur a little more than usual!
    My day is chilly and wet and feels headed for fall, but I’m hanging on to late summer.

  • Lis
    Posted at 21:10h, 14 September Reply

    What a timely topic! I feel like I have exploded into many many pieces – in a good way – but am needing to pull myself together and redefine my focus. A reminder to slow down was this little guy on the door to my yoga studio … he hung out all afternoon.

  • shirley
    Posted at 22:19h, 14 September Reply

    Holding on to the memories of our trip to Colorado – we were there a month ago. I miss the mountains and

  • Mike
    Posted at 17:02h, 15 September Reply

    If you discover the secret of managing time, let me know. Please. Now.


    Twitter: AboutParenting

  • Stephanie
    Posted at 12:07h, 16 September Reply

    I am holding onto the baby-ness of my children:

  • vicki (simply hue)
    Posted at 18:40h, 17 September Reply

    I love, love, love your blog and have added it to my blogroll. 🙂 Keep up the great work!

  • vicki (simply hue)
    Posted at 03:12h, 19 September Reply

    Hi Tracey, I’ve been browsing through your blog this evening and wanted to tell you what an inspiration you are. You are so good at forming your thoughts into words and you’re very real and transparent with your readers. It’s definitely tough to find a balance in life and just when you think you’ve found it, somethings tilts you off kilter. You are definitely not alone in this one! 😉 Thanks again for a beautiful, inspiring site. I hope this weekend offers just what you need.

  • gyspy
    Posted at 01:23h, 26 September Reply

    i’m holding onto to some kind of sadness today… this week, last week. somehow I had an unexpected lunch with someone today though, who articulated to me that I may be carrying and holding onto some energy that is not my own. uh. i realized that is so true. in my own elem i am light as a butterfly. ~

  • Julie Ivens
    Posted at 08:56h, 22 November Reply

    I love this photograph! So simple and beautiful! 🙂

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