Stranger a story by Henry Lohmeyer

What drives this introvert to others initially is a needed, but seldom obtained, connection — craved shared path or experience, a witness. While difficult, I long for the adventure that only strangers can bring to one another. That simple chance to gain a shared kindness and pull trust straight from the jaws of the unsure. I watch their strides and pauses, their restful moments with another, or their anxiousness while waiting for the next train—seemingly late for nowhere. In these times with strangers I create little scenarios, little adventures for each, pulling them ever closer to me with each simple tale. I wish for them great hope and loving places to come from and go to. But, I can’t help but see an honest desperation or the loss of something or someone once there.

On common occasions we share a nod or a smile or maybe a kind word or phrase. However, there are those moments, so much less common, when we share kindness, respect, ourselves—we share a photo. One given, one taken—joined in mutual trust, an adventure is had. In that briefest of moments we are no longer just acknowledging one another, we are together in an adventure to tell a story, an honest story.  A story that only has a split second to be told.

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