The Baby Daze

The Baby Daze

what to expect

Wishing Happy Babies to Kristen and Rebecca, two rockin’ mamas from Blogville that we know and love and that are ready to deliver bundles of joy sometime in the very near future. Blog buddies have been invited to participate in a remembering the baby years virtual baby shower so I have been pouring over photos of my own daughter’s baby years. Sigh.

Moments like this one suspended in time make my mommy heart break into a million pieces. Sniff sniff.

Before I get really nuts and post some kind of slideshow featuring 500 of my favorite baby pix, I will just say to the mothers-to-be congratulations on yet another beginning where a new little person joins the family ranks and the whole world begins again. Despite the sometimes seemingly endless days and sleepless nights, you are welcoming the mystery and magic of the sacred days of babyhood.

Here’s to avoiding colic, getting a shower now and again and taking as many naps as humanly possible.




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