the dream

the dream

Image by Tracey Clark Poem by Jen Lemen

Do you know the dream I speak of?
The kind that washes over you with no image, no words?
Nothing but a feeling of a particular kind of emptiness.
The kind of emptiness that calls your name from a place unknown, unseen, familiar.

Few sit in that dark place of not knowing long enough to let the eyes adjust to the light.
But patience pays. And the forms that take shape both surprise us
and remind us that our most promising beginnings
have the shimmer and shadow of something we have forgotten.

That before the end of everything, we were together. Pure, untouched by worry,
unaffected by difference, unafraid of everything other.
A time before time when we knew we were together, complete, untamed, whole.
Made of starlight and wonder and the light before the dawn.

This is our new start.
This is the dream and our hope.
To begin again with wonder, with magic and the joy of a shared vision
and unmistakeable light.

Image courtesy of Tracey Clark : @traceyclark

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