The Key to My Best Shot

The Key to My Best Shot

I’m excited to say that above and beyond working on Shutter Sisters (due to launch Jan 21st-yay!) I’ve been transferring the archives from Picture This to a new and improved blog site. Oh baby. Good times. I will be unveiling the spruced up version of Mother May I soon after the New Year. Yikes, that’s like in a few days.

I’m taking this time of transition to make all the changes my little heart desires. That’s the key to keeping it fun, interesting and creatively inspiring for myself (and hopefully for you too).

I have been poking around and playing at SquareSpace and I can say that I am loving it. I figure if people like Krystyn, Maile and Irene are using it, it must be pretty great. They offer a free 30 day trail so you can try it on for size before you buy. Very cool. Just thought I’d mention it. I find SquareSpace to be a refreshing change from Blogger, that’s for sure. And transferring posts from a different platform has been a breeze. Really. Just thought I’d mention it, just in case you needed a little nudge.

And I also wanted to mention how much I appreciate you trying to get the new BSM button onto your blogs and I know there’s been all sorts of issues. Arg. I feel your pain. I think, since I am refurbishing, I will wait and give you the code when I get things all finalized at SquareSpace, kay??

Now that that’s all settled, let’s get on with our Monday (which I realize I posted on Sunday).

What is the key to your Best Shot as we say farewell to 2007?


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