things change

things change

As the holiday for the giving of thanks comes to an end and we slip back into our daily routines I am melancholy. The air has been crisp and cool, light is soft and days seem to pass quickly this time of year. Family and friends are near and memories are made.

I had a little wake-up call this weekend and it’s reminded me to savor every single minute of my life. Right now. As it is today. It’s been the of the kind of perspective you need every once in a while to get you surefooted; to bring you back to what matters most.

When the leaves float from their branches with each puff of the autumn breeze I remember that nothing is forever. Everything changes. It’s a state of mind that makes me appreciate the moments as they are and as they pass; leaving memories and of course in my case, photographs. I know that goes for you too.

What kind of memory making did you do as Thanksgiving came and went? Share your Best Shots!


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