Those Best Shot Moments

Those Best Shot Moments

When moments like this present themselves I melt; my camera at the ready of course. I shoot with reckless abandon loving each shot more than the last, in a zone of celebrating these moments of my life that make it all worthwhile.

What I love most about it is knowing that it’s just these simple mundane moments that can bring such a grand perspective. Some days it can even feel like a heaven on earth. I know I’m not alone. Sentiments like these resonate from the blogosphere day after day, small celebration after small celebration.

As a mother that can often become enveloped in a sea of what feels overwhelming and never ending in motherhood (not in a good way), the warm glow of what is really important is what gives me hope. It’s what keeps me mindful and appreciative of my life.

I shared a shot from this mini-love-shoot in a presentation I gave recently about capturing the perfect photo for holiday cards and how to use those photos to create an awe-inspiring cards. I know many of you manage to do just that year after year. I hope you join us at Shutter Sisters as we explore and discover new ways to create great greeting this season. And please come over and join our Flickr group, great greetings! and share what you have done in past years as well as your process this year. It will be fun to share our inspirations with one another!

Share with us those moments melted you this week.

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