Wear these words : I am Enough.

Wear these words : I am Enough.

About a week or so before I launched the I am Enough Collaborative I got an email from Whitney of Bel Kai Designs reintroducing herself after months (even years?) had past since our first  brief email exchange. I was reminded of her beautifully designed, romantic and whimsical jewelry. Love!

Ah yes! Of course she emailed! It was so obvious. Only a few weeks before hearing from her I had been musing on the idea of putting the I am Enough message on a necklace. Something to offer to women, like myself, who want these words close to their heart at all times.

And with a kind and encouraging nod, the Universe sent Whitney.

A few very pleasant meetings later, Whitney has graciously provided us the gift of this priceless and important message on not only one, but two of her necklaces (written in the handwriting of the amazing Katherine Center, of course – how sweet is that?). A perfect collaboration for the Collaboration.

I cannot begin to tell you how happy this all makes me. To see this whole thing come together like it has. To read these stories, like the ones we’ve shared, like the new one from Amy Turn Sharp who is being featured this week on the Collaborative. Not to mention all those yet to come. And now this! Necklaces to only take our message that much further; to hold it close and at the same time share it with the masses. It’s just such goodness it makes me happy to be alive!

Visit Bel Kai Designs to read more about what Whitney does and get all the details about our exclusive necklaces (pink on silver or the yellow on bronze) including how to purchase one of your very own!

Images featured today were taken by Whitney of Bel Kai Designs.


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