We’re Talking Creative Joy Here

We’re Talking Creative Joy Here

Since we’ve been sharing our thoughts about Creative Joy, the lovely e-workbook (if you don’t have it, you must download it; it’s free!) and our images, people have been more and more curious about the Creative Joy Retreat this Fall.

What’s it all about? What do you do there? What’s it look like or feel like? Who’s involved? Who comes? With so many questions we thought, why not share a little bit of how we see it. We are, after all the women who will be gently, kindly, playfully, and joyfully being with you at the retreat as we all share what makes us happiest in the world; sharing our Creative Joy with you in hopes to inspire you to uncover, discover and live yours!

So, here we are (Jen Louden, Marianne Elliott and myself) talking Creative Joy and the Retreat:

I would really love to see you there so we can practice being creative and joyful together.

  • Why Creative Joy | Tracey Clark
    Posted at 16:26h, 24 August Reply

    […] Although the photography part of the retreat might resonate with many of you what about the rest? Do the words yoga or writing trigger anything? I agree that yoga can sound so intimidating, especially if you’ve never tried it or haven’t practiced in months, even years. Rest assured, Marianne is the most patience, gentle and intuitive instructor I know. And sometimes when we consider writing, our inner-critic can be so loud and judgmental. But believe me, Jen is so supportive and reassuring a guide, you’ll feel not only free but totally taken care of.  And if there is a hint of photography reservation, I promise I’m nothing but encouraging and you don’t need anything but your mobile camera (unless you want to bring the big camera which is totally welcome too)! We each share our thoughts with you here in our little video. […]

  • cindy borcherding
    Posted at 17:22h, 02 September Reply

    fingers and toes crossed to win a spot to this amazing event. am i the only person who cries just listening to the video about the retreat? geez…

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