Yellow Polka Dot Best Shot

Yellow Polka Dot Best Shot

There’s been a Parent Bloggers blog blast happening this weekend and the gist had to do with bikinis. You know, something like, the bikini: friend or foe. It’s summer and all that so I guess, it is the season to fret about these matters. We’ll I hate bathing suit shopping as much as the next gal, and I have even a stronger dislike for wearing them but I’ll be honest, I do wear a bikini when a bathing suit is an absolute must. I’m not saying it’s a great idea or anything, as a matter of fact I’m not a big swimmer so I rarely strip down to my suit even when I’m at the beach or pool so I guess not many people would even know I’m in a bikini, underneath it all. But I am.

A girlfriend of mine (with almost the exact build as me) admitted she wears one too although she wasn’t sure it was such a good idea either. And here’s the real kicker, she actually asked another friend if she thought she had any business wearing one, after birthing and nursing 2 kids, rounding 40 and all that. Her friend apparently didn’t feel the least bit shy about replying an honest one liner; you’re borderline. Which means at best, I’m borderline too.

But what’s in a bathing suit really besides extra flesh that we wish we didn’t have, in all the wrong places I might add? Your size is as important as your age. And from my point of view, it’s not important at all. I’m 40 and I’m not freaked about it. It’s a number. Just like the size or cut of my bathing suit. It’s only weighty if I make it so. Pun totally intended.

Although I am the first to acknowledge a little balance in my life couldn’t hurt (less work, more exercise), I’m choosing to focus less on my own bathing suit and more on my daughter’s not so itsy bitsy teenie weenie…

After all, isn’t the point of the bathing suit summer fun?

You know this little gem had to be my Best Shot for this sunny Monday!

Oh, and speaking of BSM, summer fun and a quest for balance, me and the fam are heading out for a few weeks. Woot! And because I am having to relinquish my control over having internet access (gasp. can’t. breathe.) the wonderful Melody will be hosting Best Shot Monday over at her place Slurping Life for the next two weeks (thank you sweet Melody). That means on both June 30th and July 7th you’ll be popping over there to post your BSM links. I shall return and be your gracious hostess again on July 14 with lots and lots of shots to choose from I’m sure!

Until then…show us what kind of summer fun you’ve been having this week (bikini or not).
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