We Heart Showing Our DisneySide

We Heart Showing Our DisneySide


Perhaps it goes without saying that I’m a Disney fan. It is kind of a *thing* that we, as a family, share. We’re fortunate enough to live about a Monorail ride away from Anaheim so we spend a lot of time at the West Coast Disney Parks. Between my own immediately family and the families of my sisters, showing off our #DisneySide is almost an everyday occurrence.  That said, we get super-excited when official Disney opportunities arise.
Queen of Hearts Cast of Characters Disney Sisters DSMM DisneySide Party 800

Hosting another DisneySide at Home Celebration was just the excuse we needed to really get into character this year. With the help of Disney Parks and BSM Media (who sent us a celebration kit of goodies to use for our party) and Valentine’s Day (hello hearts!) we dove head first down the rabbit hole and created a Wonderland fit for the Queen of Hearts!
DisneySide Queen of Hearts Party with DSMM and DisneySistersFrom home made costumes to decorations, crafts to food, we all got really into prepping, planning and partying in grand Disney-themed fashion.  Who knew it would end up being the most ideal portrait session yet? It was such a magical way to spend the day together!
Queen of Hearts Crafts DisneySisters DSMM DisneySide Party _800And last but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! It was such fun to celebrate your birthday as we all celebrated our very merry unbirthdays with you.A very merry unbirthday to you by Tracey Clark
For more details, pictures AND the most adorable video ever (my sister Jessica is a videographer-extraordinaire) check out our party post at Disney Sisters. And if you’d like to make your own magical memories you can throw your own Disney Side party! There are tons of ideas at the Disney Side Celebrations website. Fun!


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